Here at Simplified Foods we’re on a mission to create simple, great tasting and healthy snacks. Our flagship products, Simple Squares®, are organic, paleo, nutrition bars infused with honey and herbs.


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GREATIST.COM: Not all bars are created equal. So when faced with the ever-growing bar selection, how do you pick a smart snack over a smartly marketed candy bar?


January 18, 2015


Has Simple Squares made it to the White House?


Simple Squares® are organic and paleo nutrition bars infused with vanilla and herbs.  We simply use organic, easy to read ingredients that can be picked directly from nature – put together, in a bowl and gently mixed to give you pure, wholesome goodness.  We don’t claim to be an energy bar, a lifestyle bar, or a protein bar – we do it all – but we keep it simple. Because great tasting food should be just that.

  • Certified-Paleo + Raw
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Low in sodium + Sugar
  • High in protein + fiber
  • Healthy herbal infusions
  • No wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy
  • Sustainable source of energy
  • No refined sugars, brown rice syrup or agave


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