What’s All The Buzz About Raw Honey?!

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Pure, raw golden honey is one of the five main ingredients in SIMPLE Squares. While it provides a delicate sweetness and satisfying texture in our squares, it does much more than that once in your body. The main difference between raw honey and most honey that is found in grocery stores is that raw honey preserves all the pollen, vitamins (such as B complex and Vitamin C) and enzymes that are a by-product of the process by which bees turn nectar into honey. Through the filtration and heating procedures that processed honey goes through, these crucial elements are lost, leaving you with a less tasty honey product. Therefore, processed honey does not contain anywhere near the same health benefits as pure, raw honey. In fact, when your body metabolizes the refined and highly-processed sugar found in most foods that contain added sugar, it uses some of its stored nutrients to neutralize some of the toxins that are released, causing damage to the body’s metabolism. Raw honey is naturally self-preserving, with its low moisture levels and high acidity giving it antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides an amazing natural energy boost, as its natural glucose sugars are absorbed quickly by the body for an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more slowly to allow for sustained performance. On the other hand,  refined sugar also causes blood glucose level in the body to spike dramatically, causing energy crashes soon after. Regular consumption of delicious raw honey has been shown to aid in combating multidrug-resistant bacteria and preventing chronic inflammatory processes, such as atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. SIMPLE Squares flavors are also infused with herbs like rosemary and sage, for an extra kick of inflammation-fighting flavor. Pick up a SIMPLE Square today and treat your body to a snack that tastes good and does good. Samantha Sylvander SIMPLE Squares Contributing Editor